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Mon, Nov. 11th, 1974, 01:29 am

The Slytherins are idiots and Gryffindors rule all. We used James's Invisibility Cloak, broke into the Slytherin Dungeons, and painted them in Red and Gold! Three days later and the idiots still haven't figured out how to change it back! And the berks act like they're suffering! HA!

And as for Snape...Prongs and Moony came up with the idea of Charming his hair in brilliant red and gold stripes as well. Unfortunately, the grease repelled the Charm. How could we have known? Well, I washed his hair with rose-scented shampoo several times. Hands still smell like rotted gillyweed from touching that... Amazingly, he never woke up. He's still acting bitter that he smells pretty, though. *sigh* You would think that would have improved his spirits, no?

I have a very strong feeling that Snape may be visited by a Grim at breakfast next week if he continues to try to blow up my Potions during class.